Mold Cavity Inserts with 1.2343

Mold Core Insert with 1.2767

Mold Date Stamp with SKD61

Mold Ejector Pins with SKD11

Mold Guide Pins

Mold Locker

Mold Slider Parts with 1.2343

High Precision Mold Components

Self Lubricated Bushings

Superior Mold Parts

Mold Components Tailored for Existing Molds

WK Plastics is able to fabricate precision mold components for customer's exiting molds such as ejector pins, ejector sleeves, core inserts, cavity inserts, slider guide rails, locator rings, sprue bushes, sprue lock pins, push plate guiders or stop pins based on clients part drawings or specifications. DME, Hasco or nonstandard mold parts are bespoke here. High precision, prompt lead time and competitive FEDEX or DHL shipping fee are guaranteed. Welcome to OEM.