Plastic Injection Mold Construction

"You cannot make bricks without straw". Equipment is the assurance for precision and quality. We are advantaged not only for our experienced designers but our branded equipment from CNC machiningCharmilles, Sodick, Mikron, Fanuc, TopEdm and 10 years skilled mold shop leaders. Our precision can reach 0.002-0.003mm for flat grinding, 0.005-0.01mm for EDM, 0.003-0.01mm for wire-cutting, 0.005-0.01mm for CNC.

WK Plastics customizes high quality soft mold, hard mold, cold or hot runner, multi-cavity, unscrewing, metal-insert and two shot mold as to customer's request. whethere DME or HascoSlow Wire Cutting standard mold can be tailored here.

About mold making lead time, for small mold less than 35*35cm, it's 1~3 days on mold design, 4~5 weeks for mold processing; for medium sized mold between 35*35cm to 65*65cm, it's 2~5 days on mold design, 5~7 weeks for mold making; for big mold over 65*66cm, it's 4~10 days on mold design and 8~11 weeks of mold manufacturing.

Fine EDM MachiningWK plastics makes 500 sets injection mold annually; 90% of them is exported to Europe and America.

High skilled staff, advanced equipment, continual improvement, customer orientation and strong quality awareness have made WK Plastics one of the first rate mold construction companies in China and increasingly well-known in Europe and America.