Plastic Injection Molding Center for Mold Trial, Pilot Run and Mass Production

Injection Moulding CenterThe injection molding center is the connecting interface of WK Plastics with its customers. On the one hand, everything that has been developed in close dialog with the customers has to be tested and improved under actual production conditions and injection parameters. On the other hand, pilot production is quite important for a steady, functional and reliable future running. Biggest Injection Machine

Various sizes of injection machines from 15 Ton to 1600Ton, from common ones to double-shot and vertical injection machines are avaible here. Most of them are imported from Japan, Taiwan and German; for a detailed list of WK's moulding machines, please contact us.Injection Moulding Process

Besides, we can provide value-added service too. As to customers need, WK-plastics helps make silkscreen printing, pad printing, spray painting, hot stamping, vacuum coating, laser marking, heat staking and ultrasonic welding.