Customized turning or lathing components are available from WK Plastics such as drive shafts, auto turning parts, CNC turning parts, PEM standoffs,optical fiber parts, office machine parts, champagne screwdrivers, hydraulic tool parts, pneumatic tool parts, telecommunication devices parts, medical treatment apparatus parts, art parts, shaft parts, electronics parts, probe parts, conduct spiral shaft, casting parts, press parts, game machine parts, writing instruments and so on. WKPLASTICS is happy to provide bespoke turning or lathing parts upon customers’ requests with different kinds of material, like steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum and surface finishing.

lathed aluminium part

We help manufacture high quality aluminium components by CNC machining.

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Metal Hole Punch Pin

CNC Techinique of the hole punching tool is rough hand milling, heat treatment, grinding and CNC turning outsides, wirecutting side slope, EDM machining round pin head, fine machining and quality checking.
We offer free CNC machined part to new clients

(3.5 reviews)

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