WKPLASTICS helps fabricate precision mold components for customers exiting molds such as ejector pins, ejector sleeves, core inserts, cavity inserts, slider guide rails, locator rings, sprue bushes, sprue lock pins, push plate guiders or stop pins based on clients part drawings or specifications. DME, Hasco or nonstandard mold parts are bespoke here. High precision, prompt lead time and moderate FEDEX or DHL air freight fee are guaranteed.

Gear Cavity Block

High precision plastic gear mold cavity insert finished by Sodick EDM machining.

(3.5 reviews)

Helical Gear Core Insert

Tight Tolerance Core Insert for a Helical Gear Mold Processed by Electric Discharge Machining.

(3.5 reviews)

Mirror Polished Cavity Part

Mirror Polished Cavity Insert for Optic Purpose.

(3.5 reviews)

High Tolerance Mold Plate

The mold plate is 140 holes of tight tolerance.
WKPLASTICS finished it by fine wirecutting, grinding and has given great support to our clients.

(3.5 reviews)

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