Analysis of China Injection Mold Industry Status

Date: 09-14-2012
Preface: injection mold industry plays an important role in global economic growth; the technique has become one of the key criterions to measure the product manufacturing level of a country.

1. Market Fields:
From the view of industrial parts development, injection molds are essentially equipped in modern industry, particularly in the sectors of automobile, motorcycle, aviation, meter, apparatus, telecommunication, electronics, weapon, home appliances, daily usages, etc. According to statistics, components made by injection molding account for 80% of aircraft, automotive, motorcycle, tractor, electrical equipment, meter and apparatus and cover 85% in electronic products like computer, TV, dynamo, vidicon, camera, VCR etc, more than 90% in light industrial refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioning, cycle, watch and so on, and over 95% in weapons.

From scratch, China has experienced half a century's development in injection molding industry, closing a gap with advanced countries. Though China made a rapid growth, it's still not easy to satisfy the demand of the whole industry due to low precision, mold longevity and uneven distribution of injection molders. Huge, cheap but not precise molds are mainly in east China, like Zhejiang province; small injection molds but with high precision can be found in South China, especially in Shenzhen, Guangdong province.