Part Two of China Injection Mold Industry Report

Up to now, there are about 30,000 mold factories and 800,000 staff engaged in the sector, which takes the most amount of the world with the sales of injection molds and molded parts ranking the third. The China mold industry achieved sales of 61 billion RMB in 2005, up by 25% year-on-year; the value of molds exported reached 740 million USD, an increase of 50% over 490 USD in 2004. The rapid development of China mold industry in 2005 comes out top of the world.

The major mold making centers in China are GuangDong, ShangHai, ZheJiang, JiangSu and AnHui. Especially in GuangDong with total mold sales 40% of the whole country, there are more skilled mold technicians, better technologies, QC, QA and more advanced equipment. The precision mold makers like WK Plastics in ChangAn, DongGuan, and ShenZhen are reliable in quality, lead time and service.

2. Current Status of China Injection Mold Techniques
Except liquid forging and powder forging, China has experienced a big jump in creative mold design of multi-material molding, multi-color molding, molding with interchangeable inserts and various unscrewing moldings. The silicone technique adopted into the ceramic mold shaping has solved the problem of sticking; meanwhile, the magnetic suction technology has made the gap self-adjustable and succeeded in ensuring level surface and simplifying mold construction. In mold stamping field, multi-functional molds keep increasing, except stamping one component, it also functions of assembly, so, not only separate part is produced, but the final assembled products are made, this gives shorter production time and greatly boost the productivity. Back to Part One

to be continued