China Molder of Multi-cavity, Unscrewing, Metal Insert and Two Shot Mold.

WK Precision Plastics Injection Moulding Co., Ltd was set up in 2000 to design and make precision plastic injection molds with multi cavities, threads, metal inserts or double shot. Over more than ten years endeavor, it has successfully developed from one small processing shop to a middle sized company with well merged injection molding technology, equipment and skilled staff together.

With "customer first, quality foremost, continual improvement and non-stop innovation" as our motto, all staff members of WK Plastics have been making constant tireless effort to meet customer expectations. Our success story lies in a deep understanding of technology and of customer's specifications, our great vision, high quality awareness and the desire to never stand still.

Today, the fields we are engaged in with our international customers have covered electronic & electrical section, automotive industry, telecommunications, connectors, plastic gears and precise industrial components. We specialize in the design and making of

  • A. CNC prototypes, rapid tooling before building production mold.
  • B. precision production mold as multi-cavities, unscrewing, metal insert or two shot.
  • C. superior mold components for clients existing molds with Hasco or DME standard.
  • D. pilot production with 100% quality control and series production of articles.
  • E. secondary processes like painting, printing, laser engraving, etc.

Electronic Housings
Electronic Cases
Hasco Standard Mould
Hasco Standard Mold
Connector Cases Molding
Connector Housings
Hasco or DME mold components
Superior Mold Parts
Telecommunication Parts Molding
Telecommunication Part
Automotive Bumper Molding
Automotive Component
Hasco Mold Sliders
Mold Slider
Precision Helical Gears Molding
Precision Gears
USA Standard Mold
DME Standard Mold
Two Shot Molding
molded pipe joint
Precision Pipe Joint